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Optimizing processes with Data Preparation

When it comes to data, one of the biggest challenges within organizations is the time spent on the hygienization and standardization of this information, about 80% of the overall analysis is devoted to the process of sanitizing or preparing this data.

With the increasing volume and complexity of data entering and being transacted daily by organizations, it is no longer appropriate for a person – or thirty – to take care of this information, given its relevance. Spreadsheets and simple solutions are no longer enough, no longer support the amount of data and no longer take care of keeping information secure, accurate and relevant.

Data Preparation

It is very important that the problems in the information that are generated are detected early, preferably in the initial phase of the processes, and it is at this stage that Data Preparation enters. Having as its main goal to make the base of Data Governance solid and reliable, this step works like the foundation of a building: if it is not made with quality, the entire building will be at risk. Data ready, sanitized and solid generate insights and relevant reports, so that significant business decisions are made based on them.

Moreover, since this hygiene is automated, human talents can be redirected to high-profile tasks with a high level of importance and complexity, trusting that the information that will be delivered will be ready for use. The ideal solution for doing your organization’s data preparation must be able to generate insights with high speed and low cost, so that the relevance of this information is not lost as new data enters the organization, but rather updates at the same speed.

The ideal Data Preparation solution is able to keep the relevant information, gives the user the freedom to seek insights and is easy to navigate, so that the data needed and connected to the business are searched in the right time and with high quality, providing a solid base and fully reliable solution to support your organization’s most important decisions.