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How to turn data into business assets to drive business forward with the DRZ and Google Cloud partnership

A major challenge has been presented to data-oriented companies around the world: dealing with an increasingly complex scenario in terms of extracting strategic insights from the available data, which allows them to make the right decisions and lead their companies on the right path. Even with a large volume of data allocated in the cloud/on premises, they lack solutions and expertise for a 360 data journey, with the aim of getting the best that their assets have to offer.

One of the factors that contribute to the arduous task of extracting insights is the lack of quality in the data collected, generating a series of non-compliance and inaccurate analysis, jeopardizing any and all business actions. And with disqualified data, the organization is exposed to non-compliance with compliance and data governance policies, thus failing to use the most important thing that data has to offer to leverage the business, losing its competitive and innovative capacity.

Therefore, in this article you will have the opportunity to learn how DRZ Corporation can deliver solutions to your company to extract the best business insights through a 360 data journey. You will also understand the efforts we make to promote qualified data to our customers, following compliance and governance rules closely, raising the levels of customization of its products and services, as well as customer satisfaction and retention.


DRZ Corporation Solutions for Turning Data into Business Assets


DRZ Corporation acts in the market as a reference in transforming data into actionable business assets for its clients. This credibility was acquired due to its ability to deliver innovative solutions that generate relevant insights, through the 360 ​​journey of the data available in the organization.

We understand that, in order to contribute to the digital transformation in organizations, we must develop and provide the market with solutions that guarantee reliable and unified information, through the use of governed and democratized data.

This way of acting is summarized in the words of Delmar Assis, CEO of DRZ Corporation:

“Our mantra is to solve clients’ complex business problems. To this end, we adopt a consultative approach, understand their specific demands, and provide a holistic and agile data solution with the help of our extensive ecosystem of partners.”

Elected as the Top 20 in the 2022 edition of the CIO Review magazine, DRZ Corporation is committed to delivering innovative solutions for complete 360 ​​data management, where we understand raw data, evaluate scenarios and act in transformation, quality, enrichment , relevance, distribution and predictive analysis. Among the commitment to eliminate the gaps that limit large businesses in extracting valuable insights from data allocated in the cloud/on premises, we can highlight the following:

  • Data preparation, analysis, quality: For companies to have full confidence in the quality of the available data, it is essential to apply a set of rules and practices that range from acquisition, understanding, duplication and enrichment, thus generating data unique, reliable, governed and relevant, so that this valuable data can be used and democratized with governance and efficiency.


  • Data self service: Make data available and democratized for different consumers;


  • Business smart data insights: We deliver solutions that favor the generation of valuable insights for decision making, based on fully prepared, complete data, with quality and governance to address the strategies of the business areas, going far beyond the classic advanced Analytics;


  • Governance: An integral corporate data governance solution designed to, among other functions, unify concepts, democratize knowledge, complete management and compliance with rules and management of concepts and metrics;


  • Compliance: We adapt all the principles for the journey of LGPD, GDPR and other necessary regulations;


  • Smart Data Hub (MDM): Manage your company’s core data in an innovative way as an effective Smart Data Hub. Management of important data, supported by the definition of the most relevant data, with a multi-domain solution, bringing hierarchy and data monetization;


  • CX/CM: We deliver a complete customer experience and customer management journey, through interactions between different media and platforms to support customer retention, cross sell and up sell and omnichannel for a unique service, regardless of the medium this customer will be contacted.

We provide a complete platform for the 360 ​​journey of data360 implementation, from data acquisition, preparation, transformation, quality and advanced analysis, through master data management (MDM) and CM/CX solutions (full omnichannel), culminating in data governed by and adhering to compliance rules and data protection laws.

  • Generating business insights: Qualified, governed data with the potential for advanced analysis will give organizations enormous competitive power in the market, due to democratization and access to assets to all users of the organization. With increasingly accurate and reliable information, insights will occur with all the agility and assertiveness that your business needs.

Democratized data, accessible in the cloud to employees from different sectors of the company, will offer a better understanding of customers, agility in solving problems, strategic alignment, with the generation of rich and actionable insights, driving the business to increasingly higher levels of excellence.


Breaking News: DRZ Corporation Becomes Build Google Cloud Partner


DRZ Corporation seeks to establish ties with organizations that, in addition to acting as a reference in the technology market, have an ecosystem that allows companies to expand their business actions, while delivering practicality, agility and security in the management of their data.

Therefore, it is with great satisfaction that we announce our partnership with Google Cloud, with the aim of promoting solutions and technologies that allow your business to achieve scalability while making use of a reliable, secure, integrated and governed platform!

With DRZ Corporation and Google Cloud, your business will have the opportunity to make smarter decisions with the industry’s leading data platform. Furthermore, with DRZ Corporation solutions and Google Cloud technologies, DRZ Corporation will be able to load, process and analyze data in real time to make it even more useful.

We are sure that, with all the know-how and expertise accumulated over the years, DRZ Corporation will add a lot of value to the solutions promoted by Google Cloud. And in the face of this promising partnership, your company will benefit greatly by adopting a set of solutions and practices that will place it at the forefront of its market.


The power of data insights for your business


Put an end to all the complexity and operational challenges when managing your data. Adopt advanced data analysis data management solutions in the cloud through the partnership between DRZ Corporation and Google Cloud.

With Google Cloud, your company will be able to enjoy a series of high-performance solutions in the cloud, with complete data available at all times. As for DRZ Corporation, we are committed to delivering all the agreed benefits for maintaining data quality, advanced analysis conditions and strict adherence to compliance and governance rules, aiming at a long-term partnership with our customers.

Turn your raw data into actionable business assets. Contact our consultants right now and ask for more information about DRZ solutions on Google Cloud for your business!

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