MDM-Assisted Machine Learning

As much as MDM can help Machine Learning, Machine Learning can also help MDM simplify administration and reduce the burden on data administrators.

Matching – This is one of the most critical features of an MDM solution. Profisee MDM uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to enable intelligent matching of data between applications. Combining and grouping duplicate data is a grouping problem.


The importance of reliable data simply cannot be overstated.

In a world where data matters, you must be able to trust your data. With a reliable corporate database, you can…

  • Build trusting relationships with consumers, suppliers, partners and employees
  • Improve business results and provide the foundation for innovation and transformation
  • Improve processes, simplify automation, make more informed decisions and improve productivity
  • Combine analytics, BI, machine learning and AI with reliable, business-ready data

Trusted data means that your data is…

    • Complete
    • Current
    • Consistent
    • Clean
    • Compliant

Tibco EBX Solution, A True Multidomain Solution

All transactions in your organization are built on Master Data: products, customers, employees, suppliers, financial hierarchies and reference data. Accurate and consistent Master Data guides your operational process and increases the quality of your analysis and reporting. EBX simplifies the management of your Master Data from multiple domains, providing a unified way to manage, govern and share all of your Master Data.



It’s real multidomain.  EBX allows you to model any Master Data – including cross-domain relationships – without the need to purchase separate solutions.

Design for business , not just for data stewards and developers, after all mass adoption is essential for success.

Everything you need for Master Data Management  in a single solution, including workflow, data quality, role-specific applications and whatever else your structure needs.

A single solution to govern, manage and consume all master data.

EBX - A new way to manage, govern and share your Data Assets

Agile and flexible, EBX takes a unique approach. Through applications generated in cloud and fully configurable, it is possible to design the solution according to your company’s challenges and needs. This reduces deployment time, fewer errors occur during the process, and lower project costs. In addition, EBX includes all the tools necessary for applications to be all data-driven, enabling the creation of solutions for workflows, data quality, governance and data integration.


There are several types of business processes, and each has its purpose. However, just as each one has its objective, they all have a common objective – they are fed by data assets:

Operational : unites the organization’s activities to generate value;

Analytical : evaluates the performance of companies;

Governance : controls the operations of Operational and Analytical processes, to ensure compliance with policies, regulations and laws.


What if enterprise data management fit in your pocket?

EBX also features EBX GO, a native iOS and Android app to access, manage and govern your data assets from wherever you are.

For a data management program to be successful, the user needs to really interact, and when everyone is easy to use, everyone actively contributes to improving the quality of data assets. Whether it’s researching, correcting or improving data – and even participating in workflows – managing should be as simple as sending an email or making an update on a social network.

EBX - Core

An innovative technology that makes EBX work today, and with standards already used by the industry, such as Java, SQL and XML. The result is a platform with the delivery and scalability you need to organize your data assets.

Semantic Data Storage; 

Data-driven Application Metamodels;

Model-Driven and  In-Memory Mechanism .

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