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The influence of data on Digital Transformation

The term Digital Transformation is on the rise, with many quotations, lectures and texts published about the subject. There is much talk about the importance of change and about it’s benefits to organizations that adhere to. But before making the big decision to start the transformation, it is very important to inform yourself and understand what the real risks and benefits are for your organization.

According to a survey by McKinsey Digital made in November 2018, some practices can be adopted to make the vision of success with digital transformation clear. Trusted information collected, handled, and returned in the form of connected data is the basis for this transformation, generating relevant insights and bringing unnecessary processes and gaps that would not be identified and can cause process failures.

Still in the preparation phase, it is recommended to adopt the agile method, which adopts fast execution practices, to take risks and make deliveries with shorter deadlines, and to map the mindset of the organization as a whole, after all if a solution is implemented but not has adherence by the users, there is no success.

Focus on goal

It is of prime importance that the goal to be achieved through digital transformation be clear and concise, a decision taken in consensus with the organization’s executives. Knowing the processes, risks and costs is part of this, since everything that will be affected directly or indirectly needs to be analyzed and calculated.

Precise information base

Make sure your data is ready and connected to your business whenever it is necessary to collect it. Adopting Digital Transformation requires quick actions and short time revisions, and your data needs to be ready for use, otherwise delays and losses can occur.


Once the process of transformation is initiated and informed, maintaining constancy is a major step toward change. Starting over again or “inheriting” a transformation from the previous management are risk imminence for success. It is worth mentioning the creation of a plan of action, with clear goals and objectives, so that there is no confusion or loss if something could threaten the process.

Understanding what Digital Transformation really means, knowing how it will be in processes and in your organization as a whole are essential factors for the success of the strategy. Count on a complete Analytics and Self-Service solution to find, treat, sanitize, and make your organization’s data available when it’s needed, relevant, and trusted.