Our Vision is to make DRZ Corporation become the provider of solutions for data management and governance, transforming data into business assets, democratizing the use of data and promoting digital transformation for the company to be Business Data Driven.


Data Management Solutions


Through the most modern solutions, DRZ offers innovative solutions to transform data into actionable business assets.

To generate unified, complete and reliable information; enabling better decision making with cost reduction, risk reduction and increased operational efficiency.

Our solutions deliver a 360-degree view of data, generating unified, complete and reliable information for better decision-making.


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Landscape to optimize business performance from unified and reliable data.

Trust Data Means Better Decisions

Agility, Efficiency, Innovation and Growth.

Data Ready for Business

We deliver data that is ready to meet business objectives and leverage decisions.

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Providing quality data governance to make unified data reliable, and complete

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Cloud solutions

How to turn data into business assets to drive business forward with the DRZ and Google Cloud partnership

A major challenge has been presented to data-oriented companies around the world: dealing with an increasingly complex scenario in terms of extracting strategic insights from the available data, which allows them to make the right decisions and lead their companies on the right path. Even with a large volume of data allocated in the cloud/on […]

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Sem categoria

The relevance of Self-service Analytics to insights generation

Data has been a great success driver for organizations that view them as assets, enabling smart decision making, cost savings, and resources. The constant entry of new data and information within organizations is growing, and precisely because of this the generation of insights based on this information needs to be fast and connected to the […]

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Sem categoria

The influence of data on Digital Transformation

The term Digital Transformation is on the rise, with many quotations, lectures and texts published about the subject. There is much talk about the importance of change and about it’s benefits to organizations that adhere to. But before making the big decision to start the transformation, it is very important to inform yourself and understand what […]

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