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The relevance of Self-service Analytics to insights generation

Data has been a great success driver for organizations that view them as assets, enabling smart decision making, cost savings, and resources. The constant entry of new data and information within organizations is growing, and precisely because of this the generation of insights based on this information needs to be fast and connected to the moment of business.

Keeping all of the relevant data assets for the organization on a single platform is a clever way to optimize the generation of insights by making the human work time spent with the search and extraction minimized and can be optimized with derived tasks and with level of complexity, since insights will be generated on a scheduled basis by Analytics.

Along with the speed that these insights need to be generated is the need to empower the user, giving him the autonomy of Self-service Analytics, so that this data and reports can be fetched and analyzed whenever necessary. In this way, it is possible to save the involvement of the IT team with projects parallel to their activities, reducing efforts, time and resources that may be misdirected.

Indeed, it’s about speed

The great differential in generating these insights is speed. A single and smart management solution that integrates Data Quality, Data Governance and Data Analytics, is capable of generating qualified, speed-relevant, and business-relevant Analytics information, thereby enabling business users to gain the ability to identify innovation opportunities and operational improvements.

By implementing a modern, innovative approach that is independent of your organization’s industry, you can make your data assets into relevant insights when they are needed, basing on relevant decisions and delivering benefits.