About DRZ Corporation

We have a long experience in data management and governance solutions, operating throughout Latin America; with offices in São Paulo, Bogotá and Buenos Aires; solutions all leading in the quadrant of Gartner and other institutes. Having as great goals to generate unified, complete and reliable information; as well as governance and complaints (GDPR/LGPD), that is, transforming data into actionable business assets.

Our Story

Through the most modern solutions, DRZ offers innovative solutions to generate unified, complete and reliable information; enabling better decision making with cost reduction, risk reduction and increased operational efficiency. Still adapting the most diverse compliances such as: LGPD and GDPR. Our solutions deliver a 360-degree view of data, as well as governance and complains (LGPD/GDPR), generating unified, complete and reliable information for better decision-making.

Our solutions, all leading from the leading Gartner quadrant , are:

Infogix Data360 – Complete solution for 360 degree data management 

Secure Privacy – Solution for LGPD/GPDR Websites

Adaptive Metadata ManagerMetadata Management Solution

Tibco EBX – MDM (Master data management) solution 

Precisely (syncsort) – Data Quality, Governance and ETL


Our Vision is to make DRZ Corporation the provider of solutions for data management and governance transforming data into business assets and promoting digital transformation for the company to be Business Data Driven.

Helping our customers transform data into business assets ; turning the company into business data driven ; meeting the needs and challenges of our customers through innovative solutions, enabling them to be competitive. We value a stimulating and creative environment between the client and the company, so that the process becomes much more pleasant and inspiring.

In addition, we seek to establish long-term partnerships with our customers, so that the business is always sustainable and scalable.


Our clients are our reason to exist, so we keep our Values based on:

  • Valuation o four employees;
  • Reliability;
  • Respect;
  • Specialization;
  • Quality;
  • Competitive offer, both prices and deadlines;
  • Solidity – consolidation, longevity and sustainability.

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