Data 360

Use the real power of your data! The Infogix Data360 solution allows you to transform your data into business assets.

Collaboratively, with governance allows that:

    • Accelerate and Simplify IT Efforts;
    • Give business users self-service options, making them better consumers of data. Answering the complaints and the need to have complete, relevant and intelligent data.

Business-ready data

    • “We deliver data that is ready to meet business objectives and leverage decisions”

You can trust

    • “Providing quality data governance to make data unified, reliable and complete; becoming a business asset”



Infogix Data360

Data360 is the first-in-class solution to simplify, restructure and unify data to generate smart, relevant, complete, reliable and governed information; as well as generating insights for innovations and leveraging decision making. Transform data into business assets; promoting the company in a data driven organization and meeting the most diverse complaincesData Governance

Data Analysis and Preparation

Data360 allows everything from data acquisition, analysis (Discovery/profling data), transformations (standarization/transformation), protection (masking/encryption), data segmentation and online information generation and through various forms and publication channels (self service data ); creating – fast and reliable data pipeline with high elastic processing performance. Democratizing the use of data for the most diverse user profiles.

Data Quality

Data360 delivers all dimensions of data quality; in addition to basic metrics, such as compliance, accuracy and validity, and a variety of quality checks and all functions to generate unique and reliable data, whether batch, online or streaming, in addition to having advanced functions with AI and machine learning algorithms .

Data  Analytics

The core value of data is leveraged using advanced analytics. Data360 uses predictive, statistical and machine learning techniques to discover insights and make predictions and recommendations to leverage business decisions and drive innovation.

Self- Service Data

Speed to insights is essential to leverage the business. Data360’s intuitive ‘drag and drop’ interface allows users to access virtually any data source and easily collect and analyze this data in a fraction of a second and make it available for various decision-making and business uses.

Data Governance

Business users need to know where the data comes from, what it means, who it belongs to and whether it is trustworthy, in addition to various technical and daps demands. Data360 offers a corporate governance solution to meet all disciplines (glossaries, process management, policies, complaints, lineage/impact, etc.)

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