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How Self-Service Analytics can add value to organizations

We have already mentioned that the success of the implementation of a new solution is validated when the business user is able to incorporate their functions day by day with ease and without resistance. There are many ways to do this, such as friendly and non-coding interfaces, and self-service.

Organizations that already have the data-driven culture and have a Data Governance initiative in place are able to handle and manage their data in an assertive and solid way, and with that take more informed decisions. However, the reports generation is usually manual, where data is extracted and, based on them, the manual analysis are made and the reports are produced. It turns out that it is no longer necessary to expend efforts on this. Self-Service Analytics, as is assumed by its name, is a way to collect the report straight on the source, that means, in the solution.

With its advanced ability to generate reliable and on-demand data analysis, the benefits that are added to your organization with the adoption of Self-Service Analytics can be listed:

  • Agility: The user is able to generate the required report on their own, without having to involve the IT department or other users, making the waiting time between request and generation drastically reduced.
  • Efficiency: It is possible to direct people who would be dedicated to producing reports for other tasks with more relevance and urgency, making better use of human effort.
  • Assertiveness: Reports generated based on reliable data, previously and properly treated, are the beginning for initiatives with great chances of positive results.
  • Independence: In addition to not necessarily needing a team specialized in extracting this data, you can also manipulate them more easily. The user has dynamic and treated data, so the analysis can be generated whenever it is needed.

A well implemented and adherent Data Governance strategy is already capable of doing a lot for your business, unifying and managing all data on a single platform. The combination of these skills with the business user’s power to manipulate this data and generate analysis and reports whenever necessary, and according to their access profile, is the guarantee that relevant discussions will be well grounded and will generate accurate decisions for the organization.