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Application of Master Data Management in financial institutions

With the increasing number and complexity of applications, reporting structures, regulations and internal processes, the benefits of establishing a Data Management strategy are significant. Data sharing enables accurate and flexible reporting, enabling organizations to quickly adapt to organizational change, and more importantly, ensuring compliance with accounting and regulatory standards.

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Regulatory compliance guarantee

The sector is surrounded by national and international standards, both the most recent and the oldest, but still in force. With a data management application, you can maintain compliance with all of them in an automated and pre-programmed way.

Narrower customer relationship

The collection and cleaning of customer data generates a valuable consequence: the approximation. Having knowledge of information such as browsing behaviors, buying patterns and demographic information, it is possible to develop strategies to generate and maintain a relationship with this customer, following the tendency to personalize the service and the service.

Increased ROI

Once the investment in finding new customers has been made, the data that has been collected from there allows new communications and offers to be sent to the same person, generating new contact possibilities and increasing the return over the same customer.

Consolidated visualization of the data

By having the data from different sources gathered on the same platform, the organization consequently generates competitive advantages such as time optimization in the generation of reports and the crossing of information to generate the Master Data, offering qualified and solid data to base the processes and decision making .


Comprehensive Data Governance in a Data Management strategy ensures accuracy and integrity of master data. Users can easily access and understand these assets, whether they be customer, partner, financial or internal information, enabling analysis to be done simply and with the assurance of the right resources, so that the results are accurate and reliable.

The greatest benefit of adopting the MDM in financial institutions is to keep the data, so relevant and essential to business, reliable and solid, bringing them from the various platforms and unifying them into a single solution. Great goals can be achieved when the background information for decisions is sound and indubitable.