Data today is a critical asset in everyday business. That means it needs to be usable, accessible, and reliable not just for the IT elite, but for the business users who routinely use it to make critical business decisions, drive strategy, and discover competitive advantage.

There are many threats that can turn data from an organizational asset to a liability, chief among them being deficient data governance, poor data quality, and an inability to effectively extract data’s value. Of the myriad data management tools in the marketplace to tackle these challenges, far too many are overly technical and business aloof, address just a single data issue, or fail to coalesce into a comprehensive data management strategy.

For these reasons, an integrated, intuitive platform that delivers transparency, understanding and trust to every data consumer across the enterprise is vital. A platform that provides a suite of data solutions—including strong data governance, vigorous data quality, and advanced analytics—can deliver users the ability to produce reliable business insights that generate competitive advantage with speed and simplicity.

Our solution is a business-first data management platform that delivers understanding and enables utilization across the enterprise to optimize the entire data supply chain. Data usage begins with the business side of organizations; data assets won’t be applied if they can’t be found or aren’t understood. That’s why our platform is built on a framework of data governance, with software developed from the ground up by a chief data officer. The platform facilitates answers to fundamental questions about your data, such as source, use, meaning, ownership, and quality through a robust suite of data governance solutions, including business glossary, data dictionary, data catalog, data lineage, and metadata management. Customizable dashboards and zero-code workflows ensure that business users can quickly and easily obtain the answers to any questions about available data so they can leverage it for utmost advantage.

While the platform has a framework of governance, it has its foundation in a nearly four-decade legacy of data quality, and the interdependencies between governance and quality cannot be overstated. While lack of understanding or access will prevent data usage, lack of data trust is likewise a barrier. The platform boasts integrated data quality capabilities, from traditional controls and data reconciliation to machine learning for ongoing quality monitoring and data quality scoring. Together with data governance, the solution provides transparency into the quality and reliability of available data, to build user trust and boost utilization.

There is no value in data unless it is being leveraged to help make business decisions, reveal new insights, and increase efficiencies or decrease costs. Our solution provides users with an integrated tool to ingest, prepare, analyze and act on data to then communicate the insights derived. It utilizes machine learning modeling, analyzes business problems, and performs ad hoc analysis with intuitive drag and drop functionality. Advanced data prep and analytics capabilities are put in the hands of business users, to democratize data across the enterprise.